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Food Day

Food Day

Food Day is a national celebration and movement toward more healthy, affordable and sustainable food and a grassroots campaign for better food policies. The theme this year is "It's Time to Eat Real!" Food Day aligns with the Network for a Healthy California's (Network) strategic priorities which are:

Priority 1: Increase access and consumption of healthy foods,

Priority 2: Decrease consumption of less healthy foods and beverages, and increase consumption of water, and

Priority 3: Increase physical activity opportunities throughout the day.

Network for a Healthy California has developed a series of handouts to help individuals and organizations celebrate and support Food Day. Access the handouts listed below:

Tips for Starting an Edible Container Garden

Food Day Projects

Where to Start a Garden Where You Live

Start a Walking Club

Gardening in Small Spaces

Start a Farmer's Market

In addition, please check the NETA Garden Tips

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